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WinterPromise will take you on an adventure. An adventure of experiences, stories, investigation, nature exploration, family memories and more. We are a Charlotte Mason inspired curriculum designed to bring joy in your homeschooling through reading, journaling, nature exploration, hands-on projects, and making memories! There are learning experiences for every kind of child as each child is unique. Enjoy the ease of open-and-go programs that take the focus off stress-and-prep, and to joy. Adventure with our ten different themed programs, every age LA programs, and our hands on science! Your Adventure Awaits!

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Introducing Animal Worlds

This program is designed for students from Pre-K to 4th Grade. There are resources that are common to both sets, and some that are designed for younger or older students. Your family can choose to do one set or another, or use a combined set for a range of ages! Find out more below on the “Materials” tab.


Your student will take an up-close look at the difference between the tails of different shark species, or discover what a giraffe’s tongue is like. They might discover animal “clean up” specialties, or conduct an experiment on night vision. There’s just so much they’ll learn! Even the most avid animal-lover will find something to learn in this jam-packed program! You’ll want to take a peek at the nature journaling that your student will be doing — it is so incredible! Students will try out nature observations of plants, animals, and insects; sketch natural items and the “one small squares” of woodlands or wetlands; enjoy hands-on activities, conduct experiments, take samples, and enjoy discoveries of all kinds! Be sure to check out our samples of “Habitats, Hollows & Homes” and “Burrows, Beehives & Beds.”

Introducing Our American Story 1

Get ready for an adventure as you learn about life in America from its Native American culture, to its discovery by Europeans and exciting growth as a nation. You’ll love our full color reading text that tells the stories of colonists and their work, the events that brought about the Revolutionary War, and how this young nation became a unified country. You’ll travel with pioneers and the Lewis and Clark Expedition as they travel west meeting Native Americans and the land that soon would become their home.


This full color reading text is perfect for a variety of ages as the material will grab the attention of both younger and older students.


Our journal (over 500 pages), includes fun games, interactive journaling pages, paper crafts you can build, and more! You and your student will build a boat used by Lewis and Clark and other fun things to assemble. There are so many fun ready to use activities and hands-on crafts within the resources in this program such as: Live the American Story, Build the American Story, and the Flip & Fold activity book. There will be no end to the hands-on and journaling fun!


This American Story program will be a journey like no other! Everything you need to study history, culture, geography, and science is included in this program. You won’t want to miss it!

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