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Geography mystery kit for 3rd – 7th graders that spark your child’s curiosity about the world by inspiring your kid to learn about different countries and cultures through solving fun mysteries and logic puzzles.

Each month explore a new country when you receive a brand-new geography mystery box kit that’s jam-packed with captivating clues, challenging puzzles, tasty recipes, fun guides, and exclusive souvenirs.

Even after the mystery is solved, keep the fun experience going with the recipes for a rich cultural experience of the food from that country. This subscription is ideal for both family-based and individual play.

The Landmark Kids helps families provide fun, engaging, educational content to their kids with no screen time required.

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Monthly Subscription

Help solve the case! Kids take a trip around the globe through a fun and immersive mystery subscription box while solving challenging puzzles to save the day. Each box is jam-packed with engaging activities and collectibles to awaken your child’s interest including:
– captivating clues
– challenging logic puzzles
– tasty recipes
– collectible trading cards
– fun guides
– exclusive souvenirs

Six-Month Subscription

Sign up for the six-month subscription so that your kids can explore the world! Each month kids start with a Top-Secret mission letter before transporting to the new country to solve logic puzzles and explore new cultures. This is the perfect way to ignite your young explorer’s interests and understanding of the world around them.

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