Tatiana Rivera

Tatiana Rivera

Tatiana is a Charlotte Mason inspired homeschool mom, writer, speaker, entrepreneur, web & graphic designer, bibliophile and compulsive organizer.

Tatiana has graduated four of her six homeschool children using the Charlotte Mason philosophy of education. She lives in California and coordinates a Charlotte Mason inspired co-op, and book club.

She co-hosts the Charlotte Mason Inspired Conferences, Fall Retreats, as well as the Charlotte Mason Inspired Podcast writes about motherhood, home education, and organized living, and owns ScarletDigital.io, a full-service creative agency, which provides design, management, branding and more.

2023 Conference

Working, Homeschooling, Single Parenting and Why Charlotte Mason is the Perfect Fit

Are you a working mom, single parent, parent of multiples, or perhaps all of the above, and feeling completely overwhelmed by the sheer preparation and work homeschooling requires?

Fear not. In this workshop, we will discuss how the Charlotte Mason philosophy can completely change your perspective, transform your homeschool, and help you rest in knowing your children are capable of doing the job of learning on their own.

“The children, not the teachers, are the responsible persons; they do the work by self-effort. The teachers give sympathy and occasionally elucidate, sum up or enlarge, but the actual work is done by the scholars.”
– A Philosophy of Education, p. 6

Following her philosophy of self-effort, self-education and a broad, diverse curriculum that encourages them to explore new subjects and ideas. Learning becomes the desire and responsibility of the learner, and takes much off the pressure off the teacher.

2022 Conference

Honoring the Child as a Person: How to Promote Vital Growth and Movement of a Living Being

There is a difference between catering to our children’s needs and respecting their personhood. In Volume 1, Charlotte Mason said:

“A parent may be willing to undergo any definite labours for his child’s sake; but to be always catering for his behoof, always contriving that circumstances shall play upon him for his good, is the part of a god and not of a man!”

In this session, we will discuss how the first three of Charlotte Mason’s 20 Principles, play a huge role on the development of living beings we have been called to raise in this current age of oversensitivity.

2021 Fall retreat

How To Set-Up A Charlotte Mason Co-Op

Many of us have kids that thrive in learning along with a group of peers, and a homeschool co-op would not just benefit the kids, but YOU as well! But what do you do when your community doesn’t have an established homeschool co-op?

In this session you’ll get the tools you need to get started.

2021 Conference

How To Do All-The-Things The Charlotte Mason Way

Doing all-the-things isn’t all it’s cracked up to be, but it’s something we moms try to do anyway. We take care of the kids, the laundry, the dishes, the bills. We aim to please our families, and stay in good standing with the boss. We want to work hard for our clients, and serve well in all our ministries.

It’s no different when it comes to homeschooling. Especially if you have a type-A personality like I do. More tasks to complete, more boxes to check. Then you throw in what Mason called the Feast of Subjects, and you’re in real trouble.

In this workshop we’ll discuss why doing everything is just not an option and how we can do less without cheating ourselves and our children.  

2020 Conference

Planning Your Year in 4 Simple Steps

Planning your year incorporating the vast feast of subjects can be intimidating. In this workshop you’ll learn how to plan without becoming overwhelmed, how to easily follow and adjust your plan, and how to create opportunities for self-guided exploration.

2019 Conference


Miss Mason said: “All other bodies of workers, whether of hand or brain, enjoy the help and profit of association; commonly, of cooperation. Thus the wisdom, the experience, the information of each is made profitable for all; enthusiasm is generated by the union of many for the advance of a cause, and every member is cheered by the sympathy of his fellow workers.” –

Charlotte Mason understood the importance of community, not only for the child, but for the parent as well.

In this workshop, you’ll be encouraged to join and even lead real-life Charlotte Mason communities in your area, because true connections are crucial for your parental support and development, as much as they are for your children.

Services Offered

1 Month of Weekly Sessions

1 Month Of Weekly Sessions

1 Month of Weekly Sessions (4 total) Includes 1 hour video consult with emailed notes.

Face to face sessions are completed via Zoom, and follow ups are done via email.

Most families need just a couple of sessions to gain clarity, but I offer packages if further help is needed.

Custom Curriculum Assessment & Recommendation

Custom Curriculum Assessment & Recommendation

Custom Curriculum Assessment & Recommendation based on your child’s needs, interests, and parent’s strengths.

My goal is to help you create clear easy-to-follow plan to get you focused on achieving success in your journey. This will look different for each family since there is no one set way to homeschool.

CMI Mother’s School

Here’s your chance to finally read (and understand) all those Shakespeare plays you’ve been putting off. Your chance to learn to weave, to dive in to history and try your hand at nature journaling.

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