Sonya Shafer

Sonya Shafer

Sonya Shafer is a popular homeschool speaker and writer, specializing in the Charlotte Mason Method. She has been on an adventure for more than 20 years studying, researching, practicing, and teaching Charlotte’s gentle and effective methods of education. Her passion for homeschooling her own four daughters grew into helping others and then into Simply Charlotte Mason, which publishes her many books and provides a place of practical encouragement to homeschoolers at

2023 Conference

Lessons from the Valley

After diagnosing her youngest daughter with autism, Sonya found herself in a spiritual valley. Though your valley may look different, the giants that she encountered there may seem eerily similar to your own. Learn what Scriptures the Lord used to help her overcome five giants in the valley: the giants named Fear, Faltering Faith, Uncertainty, Guilt, and Self-Pity.

2022 Conference

Everyday Small Things

Do your days seem to be filled with small things? You know, doing dishes, changing diapers, walking the dog, supervising copywork, cooking meals, reading aloud, folding laundry—not much exciting, nothing earth-shaking. In this session, Sonya will encourage you to lift your eyes and take a refreshing look at how everyday small things can add up to something great.

Simply Charlotte Mason is here to make homeschooling the Charlotte Mason way simple and enjoyable. Our curriculum and parent helps are here to guide you, whether you want everything all planned and ready to go, or if you would prefer to plan it yourself.

Featured Products

The Charlotte Mason Elementary Arithmetic Series

Now it’s simple to teach math with the brilliant methods that Charlotte Mason used with her students. These short, interactive, and multi-sensory lessons give you confidence that your child has a solid understanding of each math concept.

Picture Study Portfolios

Everything you need to successfully enjoy studying art is included in our award-winning Picture Study Portfolios! Each portfolio includes an artist biography appropriate for all ages and eight high-quality prints to enjoy together. A simple 15-minute lesson once a week is all it takes to cultivate within your child an appreciation for what is just, true, and beautiful—through worthy art.

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