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Smidgen Press is a boutique publishing house specializing in classic book reprints.

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An Essay towards a Philosophy of Education, Centenary Expanded Edition

This edition, exclusively from Smidgen Press, adds two new chapters Charlotte Mason intended to include but which were cut before the book’s 1925 publication.

Why volume 6?

Mason’s intent was for *Philosophy of Education* to be a standalone book, the final summary of her life’s work. What better way to honor her legacy than to put together a more complete edition as she envisioned it?

Our edition returns to the 1st edition 6″x9″ size and is typeset in larger, clearer text with generous margins. We have retained the original page numbers as side notes for reference. For full project details, follow the link below. 

What books are your shelves wishing for?

At Smidgen Press, we specialize in reprinting classic books that Charlotte Mason families love. As we plan future projects, our first stop is always the list of items readers have sent us requests for.

Our name, “smidgen,” reflects our belief that the little things matter, from the aesthetics and the typeset to the accuracy of the text. We’re passionate about staying true to the original manuscripts, and we’re dedicated to honoring the author, the work, and you, dear reader, by offering books that provide trustworthy perspectives and good stories for the whole family.

We’re Smidgen Press: breathing new life into old stories.

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