sara bliss

Sara Bliss
Holistic Homeschooler

Sarah Bliss is the author of Holistic Homeschooler. Happily married to the man of her dreams and together they raise two adorable children

As a home educator she believes home education is more than academics.

She holds a personal philosophy that homeschooling is holistic and encompasses the whole child-body, mind, heart, spirit.

In reference to the spirit, she means the holy spirit, knowing that ones own spirit needs daily nourishment from the word of God.

An unabashed Christ follower.

She homeschools mainly using a Charlotte Mason Philosophy of Education. She loves nature and spends hours outside on nature walks, the occasional hike, or nature study with her family.

2019 workshop

The Intricacies of Nature Study

How to begin nature study. Discussing supplies and then diving into the intricate details of nature study.

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