S1 E4 – Touching the Heart of a Child Through Learning

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show notes

Today we’re chatting with one our favorite people in the world, Diana Waring!

– How does history fit when we read the Bible? Is it happening at the same time? Is there evidence?

– Charlotte Mason inspires us to deeply honor the child as a person, by teaching them without dumbing things down.

– The Charlotte Mason philosophy, reminds us that we don’t have to do everything exactly right in order for our children’s education to be successful. Instead we can  promote a love for learning, that is both affirming and freeing!

– Homeschooling works as far as education goes, but it’s who our children are that is more important.

– We don’t have to mimic public school to give our kids our kids a valuable education.

– Learning that curiosity is a wonderful thing is hard to find in the public or private system. Our homes are the best place to instill a hunger for learning!

– We want to teach to who our children are, but our love for them is what propels us to do that.

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