S1E13 – Embracing Culture in a Charlotte Mason Education with Erika Alicea

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Are you feeling like your homeschooling journey is missing something? Join us as we welcome our guest, Erika Alicea, a homeschooling mom of one, who shares her story of transitioning her daughter from traditional school to homeschooling and her journey into the Charlotte Mason world. Erika opens up about her struggles of being an urban family and not seeing much representation in the Charlotte Mason community or literature suggestions that were inclusive and multicultural. Discover how Erika found support from her friends and advice to use Charlotte Mason’s methods in her unique way.

In this eye-opening conversation, we explore the powerful connection between culture and identity, and how difficult experiences can shape our understanding of who we are. We share stories about how rediscovering our culture can be a process of healing, and how God reveals himself through the beauty of different cultures. Our guests open up about how embracing our whole identity, including our culture, can be an act of embracing all that God has made us to be.

Dive deeper into the importance of cultural heritage, language, and history in homeschooling. We consider the power of the stories we tell and the impact of culture on our identity. From examining the concept of a nation set apart to exploring how this relates to Greek and Roman philosophy, we discuss the need to balance biographies to include people of color and women. Don’t miss this enriching and empowering conversation with Erika Alicea as we explore the importance of looking to the Holy Spirit for guidance in our homeschooling journey.

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