S1E11 – Customizing a Charlotte Mason Education: Adapting Principles for Modern Homeschooling Families with Rachel Lebowitz

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Ever wonder how to adapt the Charlotte Mason educational method to suit your family’s unique needs? Join us as we chat with Rachel Lebowitz, a passionate advocate for customizing a Charlotte Mason education, and explore her journey in making this method accessible for modern homeschooling families.

Rachel shares her experience reading and annotating Charlotte Mason’s volumes, bringing forth the importance of treating children with respect and dignity. We delve into the beauty of adapting the curriculum to fit individual children’s strengths and weaknesses and discuss the power of independent exploration in learning. Together, we tackle the dangers of turning a method into a system and the burden it can place on both parents and children.

We also celebrate the wealth of resources available from¬†CM Plenary, including co-ops, annotated volumes, and great guides on Plutarch. Rachel’s dedication to making Charlotte Mason’s principles and method relatable and easy-to-follow opens new doors for homeschooling parents. So, join our conversation, and be inspired to customize a Charlotte Mason education for your children.

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