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Reshelving Alexandria is an online literary catalog of good, true, and beautiful books that supports families in building and utilizing a home library. Our membership subscription service includes extensive content to help identify and source the best books for your home library.


“Between the custom lists, advanced search features, content considerations, reading levels, library search and online and audible and purchasing links, and all the other goodies, Reshelving Alexandria gives me my own personal ‘concierge de bibliothèque.’ We used to call them librarians.


‘Alexandria, I need an exciting book for a middle schooler about the Alaskan Gold Rush. Oh, and I need it to be free.’


‘Alexandria, I have a struggling reader whose consuming obsession is cowboys, where should I start?’


‘Alexandria, my daughter found a book by Kate Seredy at the library and loved it, what else has she written? Are those sequels?’ ‘Oh she illustrated other books besides her own?! What else? By whom? Are they as good as her own writing or just marginal in comparison?’


‘Alexandria, what do you recommend for an elementary student who is an advanced reader, so something with a high reading level but low content maturity level, that has fallen in love with Ancient History? Archaeology, Science, Myth, History, Architecture… all of it!’


‘Alexandria, can I see inside these books? Just to be sure they are the right fit? Is there anything that I should know before blithely passing them to my children? Anything to discuss first, or a reason to hold the book back for later?’


‘Alexandria, I have seven sets of Anthologies. Where in them do I find the story of Rose White and Rose Red?’


‘Alexandria, I need you to keep track of which of my children have read which book from which series, which books I own already from that series, which I am hoping to find, and ESPECIALLY which books I have already purchased but that haven’t come yet so I don’t accidentally double purchase.’ (Cough.)


‘Oh, and by the way, would you mind whipping up their lesson plans while you are at it?’


She wears no-nonsense ready for any adventure t-strap heels, a smart tweed skirt and a cozy cardigan, and has slightly horn-rimmed tortoise shell glasses, and is very likely related to Miss Frizzle. Alexandria is my hero.”


—Johanna Bittle, long time member

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