Rebecca Spooner

Rebecca is a second generation homeschool mom to 5 beautiful kids. She is married to an RCMP officer and lives in Northern BC, surviving on an ample supply of coffee and Jesus.


She is the creator of Gather ‘Round Homeschool and blogs over at Homeschool On where she shares not Pinterest perfect, but real life chaos. She passionately believes that God is raising up a generation of families who are connected and following Him, and that she (and many others) are called to this path they are on.


Her sessions have a simple underlying message: life and life abundantly, no more settling for mere survival, and you can find joy in the journey! You are not here by accident, come and hear the imperfect testimony of a mom in the trenches with you and be encouraged to persevere!

2021 Workshop

Teach Everything Through Anything

Do you want your kids to actually remember what they are learning? Context is the key to memory. The smell, the feeling, the atmosphere, the wonder, the connections of that one topic to the real world around you . . . these are like the flavors that make your homeschool “dinner” come to life. Let’s talk about how you can connect your subjects and create a learning atmosphere of wonder and excitement so that learning “sticks”. In this session, Rebecca will share some of the simple things she has implemented to make learning a way of life in their home, rather than separate subjects with separate grades. It’s time to color outside of the lines, let the watercolor flow and blend, and see what happens when you get out of the box!

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Gather ‘Round Homeschool is a unit study style curriculum that blends all your subjects (but math) for all your grades from early reader to high school! All your kids will be learning together and seeing the connections of topics they love with the world around them! Charlotte Mason principles have been woven into open and go traditional ease with unit study connections and montessori hands on adventures. No more bouncing around from one child to the next, one subject to the next. Gather ‘Round together and experience deep discussions, comprehensive Language Arts, rich Bible tie-ins, engaging hands on suggestions and experiments, and the beauty of educating the whole child.

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