Book Club: Charlotte Mason’s School Education, Volume 3


Charlotte Mason’s Original Home Schooling Series:
School Education – Volume 3

Book club for this volume will meet every other week, for a total of 5 discussion sessions.

Meeting Dates:

Friday June 2nd at 11 AM, PST – Chapters 1 to 5
Friday June 16th at 11 AM, PST – Chapters 6 to 9
Friday June 30th at 11 AM, PST – Chapters 10 to 13
Friday July 14th at 11 AM, PST – Chapters 14 to 18
Friday July 28th at 11 AM, PST – Chapters 19 to 22

Have you been wanting to read through the Charlotte Mason series, but just can’t seem to get to it?

We feel you. We’re raising little people, taking care of our homes, working in, and outside of the home, and homeschooling. We’re busy. So adding one-more-thing to an already overflowing plate seems like a BIG THING.

Yet this one thing can make a huge difference in your home life. In an effort to exercise some self-care and expand our own minds we will gather as we read through Mason’s volumes in a book club setting.

About Volume 3:

The intention of the following volume is to offer some suggestions towards a curriculum for boys and girls under twelve. A curriculum, however, is not an independent product, but is linked to much else by chains of cause and consequence; and the manner of curriculum I am anxious to indicate is the out come of a scheme of educational thought, the adoption of which might, I believe, place educational work generally upon a sounder footing.

The fundamental principles of docility and authority have been considered in the first place bec ause th ey are fundamental ; but , for that very reason, they should be present but not in evidence : we do not expose the foundations of our house. Not only so, but the se principles must be conditioned by respect for the personality of children; and, in order to give the children room for free development on the lines proper to them, it is well that parents and teachers should adopt an attitude of ‘ masterly inactivity.’
– Charlotte Mason, Volume 3 Preface

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