History for Non-History Fans: Ancient Civilizations


Instructor: Tatiana Rivera

This is a 4 session course.

LIVE Class Dates:

Thursday March 16th at 11AM (PST)
Thursday March 23rd at 11AM (PST)
Thursday March 30th at 11AM (PST)
Thursday April 6th at 11AM (PST)

History is often seen as a boring and dry subject, reserved only for those who have a passion for it. However, it is important to remember that history is not only the study of the past, but also the foundation of the present. It is a vast and complex subject that can be daunting for non-history fans. However, by understanding its importance, engaging with stories, and recognizing its relevance today, anyone can discover the beauty and significance of history. So, whether you are a history buff or not, take some time to explore the past and discover something new. You never know, you might just find a new passion!

Three reasons why you should take this course, even if you don’t like history:

  1. Historical Understanding: It will help you understand the history of human civilization and the development of culture, religion, and society.
  2. Cultural Significance: Many of the ideas, stories, and values continue to shape our culture and society today. Understanding their origins and significance can help you better understand the world around you.
  3. Literary Value: The Bible is one of the most influential and widely read books in the world, and many ancient civilizations produced great works of literature that are still studied and admired today. Learning about these works can help you appreciate their beauty and significance.
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