Patty Muhlach

I am Patty Muhlach, a homeschooling mom of four and a play advocate.


My kids’ first homeschooling officially started on September 2019. What’s different in our homeschooling journey is that we all had time to prepare and internalize our decision. We decided to have 6 months of practice before we officially enrolled with a homeschool provider. 


I am into writing long instagram captions, sharing videos of my daily activities with my kids and normal days of my life where I dedicate my time as a mom and wife to my bunch. 


I share private joyful moments, both in videos and photos with the end goal of promoting home as a retreat for finding comfort and healing at the same time sharing our culture and dynamics as The Muhlach Bunch. By sharing our family mission statement in a fun and joyful way and by showing that love not perfection is our goal and that acts of kindness, compassion, respect, humility and attitude of selflessness will always be prioritized over academics in our family, I hope to inspire you to be intentional about spending time with your family and to connect with your loved ones while helping you cope with homeschool and online learning.

2021 Fall retreat

How to Use the Charlotte Mason Method on Multiple Grades

In this session, I am going to encourage and inspire would-be homeschooling moms with multiple grade kids, as well as those who have already started homeschooling, to have a positive mindset about homeschooling. I will show you how we do it in our family and how Charlotte Mason has been helping us enjoy it every step of the way.

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