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Learn all-the-things the Charlotte Mason way…. just for mom.

There is a lot of talk about the variety of subjects Charlotte Mason encouraged home educators to offer to children in their charge. She often compared the variety to a lavish “banquet” or “feast”.

Not only does this make us hungry for more, but also leaves us thinking…

Why was I not invited to this feast?

If you’re like us, you might be feeling a little left out and wishing you had the opportunity to partake alongside your children. And many of us have, but wouldn’t it be nice to gather with other parents and dive in together? 

The Charlotte Mason Inspired Mother’s School is here to help you do just that. Get ready to learn all-the-things the Charlotte Mason way.

Here’s your chance to finally read (and understand) all those Shakespeare plays you’ve been putting off. Your chance to learn to weave, to dive in to history and try your hand at nature journaling.

How the Mother's School Works:

LIVE classes are held on Zoom on Wednesdays, Thursdays & Fridays.

Course Structure & Cost

  1. Each course consists of a minimum of two sessions. 
  2. Classes fall on the same day of the week, meaning two Wednesdays, two Thursdays or two Fridays.
  3. Each session lasts between 45 minutes to an hour, followed by a short time of Q&A, and interaction between facilitators and students.
  4. No membership or monthly fees, just sign up and pay for the courses YOU want to take. 

Courses can be purchased a la carte, starting at $12 per course (two sessions). Longer courses are priced at a higher rate.

Enrollment is OPEN!

Click below to register as a student, as an instructor, or to access the student dashboard!

July book clubs

Charlotte Mason Volume 4
Ourselves, Volume 4

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