Lindsay Lane

Lindsay Lane

Lindsay is a mom of 5 children ages 18, 15, 11,10 and 7 and has been married to her high school sweetheart since the age of 18. They’re in their 13th year of home education and they’ve recently celebrated their first homeschool graduate. Collaborating with her oldest daughter they have recently released National Parks Themed Bundles hoping to inspire families to get out, enjoy nature and our US National Parks together.


A true native Texan at heart, she is currently filling her adventure bucket by exploring the United States with her family in their renovated Toy Hauler. Large house or 5th wheel she also finds pleasure in creating and cultivating a peace-filled calming home, regardless of the size. Waking up early to enjoy a cup of coffee alone in the early morning hours fuels her days And She finds immense joy and peace in the daily drawing together and reading good, living books with her children during Morning Time.


Documenting both the adventurous and the mundane days through photography is a rekindled passion and she couldn’t imagine living life any other way.

2020 Workshop

Roadschooling – Literature, Location and Experience Based Learning

Over the past 18 months our family has take our learning on the road. As we’ve visited places all over the United States we’ve had the opportunity to bring our learning to life through experience based education. As we gather for morning time and visit places we’ve read about in books our home education experience has literally transitioned into life learning. Join me as I share how I choose resources and living books to prepare our family for the new locations we visit and how we use those experiences in our Charlotte Mason inspired homeschooling.

2019 Workshop

Tailoring a Living Education through Travel

What does it look like for a living education to be inspired by travel? What does it look when you take the inspiration from rich, living books and instead of simply reading about the cobblestoned streets of early America or the Native American dwellings carved into the sides of cliffs your education extends to experiencing those locations together as a family. Join me as I share with you how we’ve taken our Charlotte Mason Inspired education on the road to experience the places we’ve only read about, until now. I’ll explain how I cater our home education to the places we’ll be traveling and how our life has truly transformed into a rich atmosphere of learning in everything we do with our life while traveling full-time as a family.


brand description

Yosemite National Park Bundle

As our family began traveling the United States in pursuit of a living education on the road I struggled finding engaging information about each National Park that I could share with my children. I began spending hours researching book suggestions and websites for the information I was seeking as we prepared to visit each National Park. Since I was unable to find anything out there that delivered what I was seeking I decided to create it for my family and share it with yours!

Marine Animals of North America Fact Cards

Beautifully hand-drawn covering 8 different marine animals found off the coast of North America. Simple facts to inspire curiosity about each animal. Perfect for nature study inspiration or learning room decor.

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