Kerry Beck

Kerry Beck

Kerry Beck helps you get past the perfect Instagram image & move on to real life ways to homeschool and encourage your kids to love learning, think critically & influence those around them as adults. She also inspires moms with her personal & spiritual stories of moving from overwhelmed to peace & resting in God. Kerry has a free homeschooling ebook for you here:

2023 Conference

How to Build Biblical Character & Habits in Your Homeschool

Discover 3 simple, practical tips to encourage Godly behavior and routines to keep Christ the center of your homeschool and your family. The basis for all character building and habit training is the Word of God. Put these tips in your daily homeschool, as you use a Biblical perspective to lay the foundation of Godly character in your kids. . . you’ll see changes over time in your kids.

2022 Conference

How Charlotte Mason Helped Me Simplify My Homeschool

When I ask homeschoolers their biggest challenge in homeschooling, I often hear stress, anxiety, burnout, overwhelmed with it all, consistency, procrastination, too busy, too many activities.

Can you relate? It’s tough to homeschool AND . . .

… serve 3 meals a day?
… keep up with the laundry?
… find time for your husband?
… make life fun for everyone?
… stay focused on Jesus?

Let’s take a step back and see how Charlotte Mason helped me simplify my homeschool and reduce my overwhelm. These practical strategies from Ms Mason can be used in anyone’s homeschool.

2021 Conference

Teach Your Kids How to Think the Charlotte Mason Way (from Elementary to High School Years)

Discover how to use reading & writing to teach your kids how to think for themselves. Starting with young students, Kerry takes you through your kids ages to develop critical & Biblical thinking skills.


By the time she gets to high school ages, you’ll know how to use great, living books and writing to prepare your kids to think for themselves and make wise decisions, instead of following the crowd. Plus, you’ll love her ideas on how to incorporate your read alouds in this process.

I’m Kerry Beck, your hostess at How to Homeschool My Child. I share the lessons I’ve learned in homeschooling and fun ways you can get your kids to “love learning”. I invite some of my homeschool friends to join me to encourage you at whatever stage you are right now through our Podcast, Homeschool Coffee Break and our 2 annual events, Homeschool Super Heroes Week each July and Life Skills Leadership Summit each February.

After 10 years of homeschooling (my kids have graduated), I enjoy meeting with moms to encourage them in raising their children to lead and influence for Jesus Christ, as well as practical tips to encourage kids to love learning for a lifetime. My flagship course is Raising Leaders, Not Followers: A Biblical Perspective of Leadership Education where we help make your life simpler by integrating our ideas into what you already do in your homeschool…not adding more to your “ever-growing” to-do list.

Sit back and let us help YOU . . . as you give your kids the best education, a superb, Christian education . . . where they will love learning, be able to think critically & Biblically and make wise decisions.

Featured Products

Character Training Tool Kit Bundle

Is consistency a problem for you, too? After all, we know consistency and following God’s Word is key to raising children.

We know consistency in character building will prepare your kids to be adults who think of others first . We know if you use the Bible as a basis for that character, it will last a lifetime. What’s in our Tool Kit Bundle could quite literally change your kids actions and attitudes. But it’s not from me… it’s what God taught me through His Word.

What will you receive?
– 3 Following God Charts $15
– 12 Mini Character Charts $15
– Achieving Peace through Consistency Video Workshop $10
– Teaching Good Manners: Teaching Tips for Busy Moms $10 Total Value $50

ONLY $19 with code: CMI23-CHARACTER Save $31 through May 21, 2023

Charlotte Mason Tool Kit

Do Your Kids Have a “Real Life Reason” to Learn?

Do They Love to Learn?

Use the Charlotte Mason Tool Kit to get started with this approach to homeschooling.  You’ll discover:

– 4 R’s of Successful Charlotte Mason Homeschool
– Difference between Living Books & Twaddle
– How to Use Shakespeare Every Year of Homeschooling
– 4 Important Habits to Instill in your Kids
– How to Use the “Charlotte Mason Motto” in your Homeschool
– How to Use Copywork, Narration & Dictation
– How Moms can be a Great Writing Teacher 
– How to Make Grammar Interesting
– Ways to Teach Art History to the Very Young
– How to Teach Classical Music so Your Kids can Remember Composers
– Q & A from Real Homeschool Moms about Charlotte Mason

You’ll receive these tools in your kit.

– How to Use Charlotte Mason in Your Homeschool Video Workshop (value $10)
– How to Use Charlotte Mason in Your Homeschool Transcript (value $10)
– How to Get Started with Charlotte Mason ebook (value $15)
– Top 10 Read Aloud Books (value $5) 4 lists of 10 books or more from mom and kids!

Use code: CMI23 to pay only $10 for this tool kit – Expires May 21, 2023

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