Katie Keene

Katie Keene

Katie Keene is the host of Her Home and Heart Podcast, a top 1% globally rated show designed to teach Christian Homeschooling Moms how to live a holistic life of home stewardship that is filled with joy and peace. She also hosts a community of families online, who support and care for one another, as they navigate family life. She mentors moms 1:1 through Homeschool Strategy Sessions, which help moms begin the journey to creating a home foundation for their homeschool that is less stressful and more peaceful so the family can thrive. Soon she will launch her course Cultivating Family Unity: Creating a Healthy Home Ecosystem for Christian Homeschooling Families. This course will help moms take their home life to a whole new level of joy and fulfillment. Some of the benefits of this course have been that arguing is reduced or eliminated, children feel safe and heard, parents are on the same page, and the children begin to learn how to grow strong and independent into their adulthood. The home begins to run on auto-pilot which brings peace and unity. 


Since 2008 Katie has researched and implemented the principles she now teaches to families, and began unofficially mentoring families into homeschool success in 2010. 

With years of training and implementation in neurodevelopmental technique and child development to benefit her own family, and 14 years of experience in supporting struggling outside-the-box learners to success, Katie is passionate about bringing a message of HOPE, peace, and joy to families worldwide. 

Katie is the wife of a military officer (ret.), podcaster, mama of 5 treasures (with a pair of out-of-the-box movers and shakers), special needs advocate, non-toxic lifestyle junkie, Chai tea connoisseur, and homeschool fanatic.

Learn more about her mission and impact by visiting HerHomeandHeart.net/coaching.

2023 Conference

Homeschooling with Compassion: Adapting the Charlotte Mason Method for Special Needs Children

Are you a Christian homeschooling parent with a special needs child, struggling to balance the needs of your child with those of your typical siblings at home?

Do you want to create a positive and fulfilling homeschooling experience for your entire family, but feel overwhelmed and unsure of where to start?

Join us for this empowering and informative class, where we’ll explore how to create a strong and successful homeschooling environment for both your special needs child and typical siblings.

We’ll discuss a step by step approach for how to meet the unique needs of your special needs child, and the rich benefits that your entire family will receive by choosing to homeschool in an intentionally supportive environment.

By the end of the class, you’ll have a comprehensive understanding of how to use the Charlotte Mason method to create a successful and enriching homeschooling experience for your entire family.

Her Home and Heart teaches Christian homeschooling families how to create a united family team, through various methods of Biblical stewardship. We provide practical strategies and support for adapting these methods to meet the unique needs of your family, including those with special needs.

We offer “Cultivating Family Unity: Creating a Healthy Home Ecosystem for Christian Homeschooling Families” which is a course focusing on four main foundations in the home that create a unique ecosystem. These foundations allow a family to thrive and glorify Jesus even in the most difficult circumstances, all while deepening their bonds and using healthy communication habits to strengthen the family for generations to come.

Our podcast has free weekly content twice a week, and our Facebook group is a supportive community where families can connect and share resources.

Featured Products

Cultivating Family Unity: Creating a Healthy Home Ecosystem for Christian Homeschooling Families

“Cultivating Family Unity” (CFU) is a comprehensive course designed to help families create a unique ecosystem in their home. Through four foundational pillars, this course provides practical guidance to help families thrive and glorify Jesus, even in challenging circumstances. By incorporating healthy communication habits and deepening familial bonds, this course empowers families to strengthen their unity for generations to come. As a result of this ecosystem, families can experience the benefits of their home running on autopilot, creating a peaceful and harmonious living environment amidst the busyness of homeschooling and parenting.

The Greater Honor : Nurturing and Equipping Christian Homeschooling Families with Special Needs Children

“The Greater Honor” is a membership community for Christian parents with special needs children. Our mission is to empower and support families through community, monthly group coaching, interviews with experts, reviews of products and treatments, and personalized content tailored to their needs. Our goal is to equip parents with the tools and resources they need to raise healthy, happy, and thriving children while navigating the unique challenges of special needs parenting with grace and confidence.

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