Julia Nalle

If you spend more than a moment with Julia Nalle, you’ll find that she’s passionate about Christ, her family, adoption and classical home education. Julia and her husband Rob live in a book-filled little house in the woods of central Virginia with their children. Julia has a Bachelor of Science in Early Childhood Education and a Master of Arts in Religion with emphasis in Old Testament Studies, Counseling and Pastoral Ministries.


Julia and her husband Rob spend much of their days writing and producing BiblioPlan, a Christian, Classical history and literature curriculum with a Charlotte Mason flair. Julia also teaches at a local co-op, field-testing all their material. In 2010 Julia and her Rob adopted their youngest son from a mental institute in a backwoods village in Eastern Europe. Five years later they adopted another son and in 2017 added a little girl to the family. Adoption upended their lives – bringing chaos, joy, tears, challenges and a clinging to the Savior on a daily basis.


Julia and Rob spend much of their spare hours, when not writing history, passionately advocating for orphans, especially for special needs orphans and supporting adoptive families. Their blog is Micah Six Eight where they share about life with their three special needs treasures and their heart for adoption. With numerous years of experience teaching in classroom settings, homeschooling her own children, tutoring children with special needs and teaching at a co-op, Julia has encountered it all. From the underachieving gifted students to the struggling reader, Julia has learned how to adapt, adjust and creatively engage children on a wide range of spectrum’s. In her sessions she loves to share her heart for Classical/Charlotte Mason styled education while giving numerous practical and easy to implement ways to teach and inspire children.

2021 Workshop

Helping Mom Craft a Creative and Thoughtfully Designed Curriculum

Is your head spinning with all the homeschooling lingo? Charlotte Mason. Classical. Unschooling. Traditional. Are you trying to pick and choose but don’t know what would be the best fit for your family? Do you tend to lean towards thinking outside the box? Or do you feel stuck in the box without any other options? Come discover why one style does not have to fit all. Depending upon your child’s bent, age, grade, learning challenges or interests, mom can a la carte with purpose. Julia Nalle shares from teaching her own children and through designing the BiblioPlan curriculum that it is possible to thoughtfully pick and choose a little bit of this and a little bit of that – with success.

2020 Workshop

When Your Struggling Learner (Hates, Struggles, Refuses) to Read

Is your child a twiddler? Do books intimidate and frustrate? Are you longing to get on the literature-based (Charlotte Mason or Classical) bandwagon but can’t see how it will work? Does your child love history but resists reading the required books? Are you desperate for ways to ease the reading load on your child without compromising the content? Literature is not a lost cause. Bring on the books. Come along as Julia Nalle, co-author of BiblioPlan – a Classical/Charlotte Mason style history and literature curriculum – shares her own journey with struggling, twiddling readers and ways she has adjusted to meet their needs. In this session she will discuss the causes of twiddling and share 25 + practical and fun strategies to help your twiddler get the most out of a literature-based curriculum.

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We are a Classical History Literature Curriculum with a Charlotte Mason Flair.

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