S1E14 – Gospel Centered Education: The Charlotte Mason Approach with Min Jung Hwang

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Imagine discovering a homeschooling philosophy that not only enriches your children’s education but also deepens their relationship with Jesus Christ. Join us as we welcome Min Jung Hwang, a pastor’s wife and homeschooling mother of four, to discuss her journey with Charlotte Mason’s principles and how she’s introduced them to various communities. Min’s passion for this Gospel-based philosophy leads her to share it with non-homeschooling families, educators in the public school system, and local churches.

Through Charlotte Mason’s approach to homeschooling, Min has learned the importance of nurturing a child’s relationship with Jesus and viewing each child as a born person, loved by God. We discuss how habit training and godly character development are vital for raising responsible, honest adults who honor God in all they do. Don’t miss Min’s inspiring insights on how Charlotte Mason’s method can transform your homeschooling experience and bless your family.

But Min’s vision goes beyond just homeschooling families. She shares her dream for a Charlotte Mason Inspired Sunday School program in local churches and Gospel Vision for Children. Which aims to expose and invite local churches, teachers in public and private schools, and children’s ministry to learn more about Charlotte Mason’s unique philosophy. Listen in and be inspired to incorporate these Gospel-based principles into your own family, community, and beyond.

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