Gena Mayo

Gena Mayo

Gena Mayo is a homeschool mom of 8 (ages 21 down to 9), and has homeschooled from the very beginning. She is also a music teacher and has taught music for over 25 years in many different forms including early childhood music and movement classes, voice lessons, and vocal directing for full-length stage musicals. She began blogging at I Choose Joy in 2006 where she shares about homeschool, family, and homemaking.

Her most recent venture began about 6 years ago with Music in our Homeschool. She has a desire to provide the resources for every mom to include music in their homeschools. Her online course site provides online click-and-go courses to make it super easy! See especially A Year of Charlotte Music Lessons which was written for Charlotte Mason homeschoolers.

2023 Conference

How to Use Music to Grow in Your Faith

Gena Mayo will take you on a journey through fifteen different ways to use music to grow in your faith in God. These are for Mom to do in her personal devotional life, as well as for leading her children in their spiritual lives.

2022 Conference

How to do Composer Study When you Dislike Classical Music

Does the fact that you or your children dislike classical music keep you from including Composer Study in your homeschool? Let Gena give you some tips and ideas for making Composer Study the most enjoyable part of your Charlotte Mason homeschool!

2021 Fall Retreat

How to Teach Music to the Charlotte Mason Way

Have you wondered what Charlotte Mason had to say about teaching music to your kids? Join Gena Mayo from Music in Our Homeschool as she shares easy ways to teach music at home to your kids, the Charlotte Mason way, even if you know nothing about music yourself

2021 Conference

What is a Folk Song and Why Include Them in Your Homeschool

Have you ever wondered what’s the big deal about folk songs? Why do music teachers, and why did Charlotte Mason, consider them important? Join Gena Mayo as she explains all about the beauty and uniqueness of folk songs. And, she’ll share how easy it is to include them in your homeschool!

2020 fall retreat

10 Lesser Known Composers to Add to Your Composer Study

Learn about 10 composers you may have never heard of before. Listen to some of their music and receive some materials for adding these to your composer study this year.

2020 Conference

The Charlotte Mason Inspired Way to Get a High School Fine Arts Credit

Yes, your homeschooled high schooler can use the Charlotte Mason method to get a Fine Arts credit on a high school transcript! Gena will show you how to use Miss Mason’s methodology to create a course of study. She’ll share the the best music, art, and more to include and how to make it simple and fun for everyone!

2019 Conference


You know you love the gentle, yet effective, Charlotte Mason approach to education. Did you know she had a lot to say about music education as well? We will talk about Miss Mason’s ideas on teaching children music. You can do it even it you and your kids aren’t musically inclined!

“Me? Teach Shakespeare? Then is has to be easy.”

Are you surprised that Charlotte Mason who espoused the idea of a restful and peaceful style of education encouraged the study of something as difficult as Shakespeare? Gena Mayo was, and so she set off to learn how to make the study of Shakespeare not only attainable but fun and enjoyable as well! Learn about it in her session, “Me? Teach Shakespeare? Then it has to be easy”.

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Since most homeschool moms don’t have the time or expertise to teach music in their homeschools, we offer click-and-go , super easy-to-use music appreciation courses for all ages, so every homeschool can include music! Find A Year of Charlotte Mason Music Lessons, A Folk Song a Week, Great Hymns of the Faith Hymn Study, Composer Study, 15-Minute Music Lessons, Intro to Shakespeare, Musicals, Christmas, and more!

Featured Products

A Year of Charlotte Mason Lessons

A Year of Charlotte Mason Music Lessons


A Year of Charlotte Mason Music Lessons online course provides you with a gentle way to do music in your homeschool, the Charlotte Mason way! Two Year’s Worth of Lessons are Now Included!

Each month, you’ll focus on two things: Composer Study and either a Folk Song or a Hymn.

You’ll actually listen to the same composer for three months in a row (one term) and hear a different piece each week so that your child can “study as far as possible under one master until they have received some of this teaching and know its style,” as Charlotte Mason encouraged us to do.

You’ll sing the same hymn or folk song for a full month.

So, that means three composers with twelve pieces/songs each, plus four hymns and five folk songs for the school year!

10 Weeks of Shakespeare

10 Weeks of Shakespeare


What is 10 Weeks of Shakespeare online course all about?

Fun lessons perfect for upper-grade students to do independently or for a teacher to use to lead a class through a study of Shakespeare at a homeschool co-op or school. Learn about how to pronounce Shakespeare, iambic pentameter, biography of William Shakespeare, the Globe Theater, Elizabethan theater, and memorization and performance tips. Memorize speeches, read through and watch monologues, watch A Midsummer Night’s Dream, and perform an act from William Shakespeare’s Star Wars..

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