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Day 1 - Thursday November 4th

9:00 AM (PDT)

Education is not Efficient

Short lessons. Done before lunch. Four day school weeks. This may sound like the ideal Charlotte Mason homeschool, but what if pulling it off results in frustration, exhaustion, and overwhelm? it may be time to reorient your goals away from efficiency and toward the bigger purpose of a Charlotte Mason education. In this session, Amy will share how to use your schedule to move toward your most important goals, adjust your plans to fit your individual children, and bring your schedule to life with more patience and peace.

Amy Fischer


Around the Thicket

10:30 AM (PDT)

Seeing Fractions is Understanding Fractions

Four out of five people don’t understand fractions! With one clear hands-on model, Steve demonstrates how to perform the basic operations of fractions as well as understanding equivalent fractions, reducing fractions, and mixed numbers. The grand finale will be how to convert a fraction to a decimal to a percent.


Building Faith Families

12:00 PM (PDT)

How to Make Your Schedule Your Servant and Not Your Master

Leah will walk you through how to plan out your Charlotte Mason schedule, and how to efficiently plan your lessons.


My Little Robins

1:30 PM (PDT)

Elementary Writing Basics

Discover the ten guidelines to follow when teaching writing in the elementary years using Charlotte Mason philosophies, including a sample writing plan of what to teach at each age.


The Planted Trees

3:00 PM (PDT)

How to Teach Music the Charlotte Mason Way (Pre-Recorded)

Have you wondered what Charlotte Mason had to say about teaching music to your kids? Join Gena Mayo from Music in Our Homeschool as she shares easy ways to teach music at home to your kids, the Charlotte Mason way, even if you know nothing about music yourself


Music in Our Homeschool

Day 2 - Friday November 5th

9:00 AM (PDT)

Foreign Languages in a Real Life Home School

Studying and speaking a foreign language doesn’t have to be hard! Join this session to get real life tips and tricks on how to start and keep going in a Charlotte Mason way. From choosing or USING the curriculum you already bought to offering it to multiple ages and learning styles at once, Suzanne Gose will help you overcome all your obstacles a


Flip Flop Spanish

10:30 AM (PDT)

Spreading a Feast: How to Weave Riches Into Your Days

Charlotte Mason tells us in her 3rd volume, School Education, that “Our aim in education is to give children vital interests in as many directions as possible — to set their feet in a large room. We wish to place before the child open doors to many avenues of instruction and delight; and we owe it to them to initiate an immense number of interests. ‘Thou has set my feet in a large room,’ should be the glad cry of every intelligent soul.”


Maybe you’ve heard these beautiful words before and pondered just how exactly to find the time, the rhythm, and the resources to open many avenues before your children when you have so many demands of life pulling at you. Maybe you’ve got a handle on math, reading, history, science, and writing, but you keep thinking about the poetry, art, music, handicrafts, and folk songs just to name a few. While it all sounds lovely, it’s a bit overwhelming, isn’t it? Join me as we discuss just how exactly to weave the riches in your days, one new avenue at a time, all the while maintaining a peaceful atmosphere in your home.



12:00 PM (PDT)

How to Teach Language Arts in a Charlotte Mason Education

Language Arts in a Charlotte Mason education is more than a list of skills or activities; it is the connection of the elements of living books, copywork, dictation, narration and composition that all come together so that children learn about language and how to communicate in a natural, interesting, effective way. In this workshop, Julie will talk about these elements and how they all tie together in a Charlotte Mason education.


A Gentle Feast

1:30 PM (PDT)

Science: A Vast and Joyous Realm

Charlotte Mason says, “Books dealing with science as with history, say, should be of a literary character,” (A Philosophy of Education, p. 218), but how does reading living books for science prepare your child for life or possible university courses? Join Nicole to discover how Miss Mason’s method for teaching science transitions seamlessly from the observational science of nature study to the experimental science they need in the upper levels of school. Also, learn how her philosophy fosters wonder and admiration of the natural world and prepares them to be scientifically literate citizens. 


Sabbath Mood Homeschool

3:00 PM (PDT)

How to Make History Unforgettable

If you grew up on dry, dull history textbooks, you may worry about how to make history unforgettable for your family. Worry no more! Join Linda Lacour Hobar, author of The Mystery of History, for ways to draw deep meaning out of history—and the tools that will help. With a Charlotte Mason mindset, and a biblical view of education, you can make history unforgettable!


The Mystery of History

Day 3 - Saturday November 6th

9:00 AM (PDT)

How to Be on Your Soul’s Side: The Mother’s Timetable

Do your weeks feel like they’re all rolling into one long day with no margin for soul-rest and reflection? Are you feeling exhausted in body, mind, and soul by the afternoon? Do you feel spent and like you’re running on empty?


We’re created as vessels, not reservoirs.


During this workshop, we’ll discuss why and how to create the “Mother’s Timetable” used in the Life-giving Motherhood membership. It’s a powerful tool we use to help create habits of mind, body, and soul, enabling you to stand strong under the “motherhood mantle” of deputed authority appointed to you by Christ.


Life-giving Motherhood

10:30 AM (PDT)

In Living Color: Adding Diversity to Your Artist Study

“We aim at putting the children in touch with the great artist minds of all ages…We want to open their eyes and minds to appreciate the masterpieces of pictorial art, to lead them…to honest love and discriminating admiration for what is truly beautiful – a love and admiration which are the response of heart and intellect to the appeal addressed to them through the senses by all great works of art.” – The Parents’ Review (Vol 12, no. 7, July 1901, pg. 501)


Art Appreciation was an intricate part of the full feast Miss Mason believed all students were worthy of and had a right to receive. But what does “all great works of art” mean for us in our modern day context? Together, we’ll discuss the value of adding artists of color to your studies and how you can diversify your art appreciation lessons.


Charlotte Mason City Living

12:00 PM (PDT)

How to Teach Nature Study the Charlotte Mason Way

Nature study is a foundational Charlotte Mason principle and benefits your children in uncountable ways, from academics and establishing a solid science foundation to health benefits and family unity. Jeannie will share how to incorporate nature study into your homeschool week and ways to make it fun in every season of the year.



1:30 PM (PDT)

How to Set-Up a Charlotte Mason Co-Op

Many of us have kids that thrive in learning along with a group of peers, and a homeschool co-op would not just benefit the kids, but YOU as well!


But what do you do when your community doesn’t have an established homeschool co-op?


In this session you’ll get the tools you need to get started.


Purposeful Motherhood

3:00 PM (PDT)

How to Effectively Teach the Bible Daily

Did you know that 80%-90% of Christian children abandon their faith by the time they get to college? I believe this happens for their lack of the knowledge of God and understanding of His Word. Charlotte Mason makes it very clear that the knowledge of God should take the absolute priority in our homeschool. Sadly, I often hear moms saying they don’t know how and where to begin teaching their children the Bible. In this workshop, I will share with you what the Word says, what Miss Mason’s advices are, and my own experience as a Bible teacher for almost 20 years. You will leave this workshop with an action plan to daily help your children study and fall in love with God’s Word.


They Call Me Blessed

* Pre-Recorded Session

How to Use the Charlotte Mason Method on Multiple Grades Without Losing Your Mind

In this session, I am going to encourage and inspire would-be homeschooling moms with multiple grade kids, as well as those who have already started homeschooling, to have a positive mindset about homeschooling. I will show you how we do it in our family and how Charlotte Mason has been helping us enjoy it every step of the way.


The Muhlach Bunch

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