Ella Savchuk

Ella Savchuck

Ella Savchuk is a follower of Christ, wife to her best friend, mother to 3 boys and 2 girls, and a part-time Labor/Delivery RN of 13 years. She began her homeschooling journey 5 years ago when the Lord called her to stay home with her children and bring them home to educate. She tried different homeschooling methods in the beginning and met Miss Mason her 2nd year of homeschooling.

Pouring over Home Education and A Philosophy of Education by Charlotte Mason for almost a year before taking the leap, she began her CM journey 3 years ago. Seeing that there was a need for a Charlotte Mason community in the Twin Cities of Minnesota, she opened a Charlotte Mason Co-op 2 years ago. There the students take part in lessons such as brush-drawing, handicrafts, Swedish drill, Shakespeare, Plutarch, geography, and more.

Ella is always looking for ways to connect children who are educated with CM principles and is excited to host a small CM Children’s Gathering in the Twin Cities area this summer. Her mother culture moments are spent tending her flower gardens, reading living books, watercoloring, and nature journaling.

You can also find her blogging at SchoolHouseGrace and creating Art Picture Studies for Bible Lessons and Recitation Resources.

2022 Conference

Homeschooling through the Hardships

Homeschooling can already feel overwhelming and challenging in our day to day lives, but what happens when hardships come about? While we don’t think about the what ifs of life, sometimes they come knocking on our door without invitation. Last August our family entered an incredibly difficult season as we moved across the country from Minnesota to South Carolina, began building a home while living out of boxes in my parent’s home, and 3 months into it all my husband suffered a massive stroke while working out of state. As he spent 5 weeks in the hospital with me at his side, and continues to need my time to bring him to therapies 3 times a week, my children and I have had to shift from our ideal Charlotte Mason lessons to being independent, flexible, and full of grace as we continue on this journey the Lord has placed us on. Having had a solid Charlotte Mason foundation for several years, the children were able to fill their days with reading living books, handicrafts, writing, playing their instruments, and more without my presence. Join me as we discuss what is most important to establish in our homeschooling days so that if hardships coming knocking on your door, you can rest in the routines and habits that you’ve established with your children.

2021 Fall Retreat

Spreading a Feast: How to Weave Riches into your Days

Charlotte Mason tells us in her 3rd volume, School Education, that “Our aim in education is to give children vital interests in as many directions as possible — to set their feet in a large room. We wish to place before the child open doors to many avenues of instruction and delight; and we owe it to them to initiate an immense number of interests. ‘Thou has set my feet in a large room,’ should be the glad cry of every intelligent soul.” 

Maybe you’ve heard these beautiful words before and pondered just how exactly to find the time, the rhythm, and the resources to open many avenues before your children when you have so many demands of life pulling at you. Maybe you’ve got a handle on math, reading, history, science, and writing, but you keep thinking about the poetry, art, music, handicrafts, and folk songs just to name a few. While it all sounds lovely, it’s a bit overwhelming, isn’t it? Join me as we discuss just how exactly to weave the riches in your days, one new avenue at a time, all the while maintaining a peaceful atmosphere in your home.

2021 Conference

For the Mother’s Sake

A mother must have time to herself. Being a Charlotte Mason mother is more than just following the principles in order to give your children a beautiful education. Following the principles in your own daily life is just as important to help bring joy, excitement, and inspiration into your daily moments. If you believe that education is meant to be life-long, what are you doing to ensure that? Join me as we discuss Mother Culture and how you can starting making time for your interests just by dedicating 15-30 minutes each day.

2020 Conference

The Art of Recitation

Teaching children the beauty of speaking an author’s thoughts and ideas by way of recitation allows them to become the interpreter of the author’s words to the audience. Recitation is a skill that used to be taught in schools many years ago, but thankfully, through our homeschooling opportunities, we can bring it back into the lives of our children, and maybe even ourselves. We can learn to speak beautifully, clearly, and share great ideas of authors that inspire and kindle our hearts.

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