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Dollie Freeman is a well-loved, homeschool teacher, coach, and speaker dedicated to simplifying the parental and educational philosophies of Charlotte Mason into an easy to implement step-by-step method that appeases homeschool laws while raising children with capital knowledge, a strong faith, noble character, wholesome conduct and self-educating so that they go the right way and grow to fruitful purpose. With her 22 years (and counting) expertise as an implementing student of the original pages of Charlotte Mason while home educating her four children, she developed a planning framework that equips parents to design a delightful education that prepareschildren to take their place in society with their careers marked out.

2022 Conference

Calming Influences to the Heart

A mother’s authentic journey living out the Charlotte Mason lifestyle. What’s important in the early years and how to thrive! Smooth and easy days is our goal: The steps to creating that critical foundation and loving the journey.

2019 Conference


Charlotte Mason stated that “Self-education is the only possible education; the rest is mere veneer laid on the surface of a child’s nature.” With this statement as the pinnacle ideal of everything that is taught in this method of education, a homeschool mother must secure in her mind what contributes to self-education. Dollie Freeman has devoted her homeschool journey to unlock the mysteries of self-educating inside Charlotte Mason’s original writings to discover the four roles of a teacher that naturally leads to self-education. Inside this workshop, Dollie will unfold these core elements that outline the true part a teacher has in her children’s education. You may be surprised just how easy these roles truly are for a mother.

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Charlotte Mason Mastery™ equips homeschool families with TWO product lines: A Mother’s Education and A Child’s Education. A Mother’s Education includes these digital products: The Knowledge Framework™, The Instructed Conscience™ membership, The Planning Framework™, and The Homeschool Framework™. A Child’s Education includes these physical products: The Thinker Grade Notebook™, The Tracker Grade Notebook™, The Traveler Grade Notebook™. All three Grade Notebooks include your choice of five Planner Packs: Form Ia, Form Ib, Form II, Form III & IV, or Form V & VI. Also coming later this summer, Consider This Study Spines and Plan This Lesson Spines.

Featured Products

The Knowledge Framework

The Knowledge Framework is a lifetime access, self-guided educational framework designed to equip the homeschool mother to implement the Charlotte Mason method over three phases of digital courses at a bundled price for those who desire a faster transformation. 

You will discover educational philosophies that perfectly aligns with how the brain converts information into retainable knowledge and uses it to form the future character and conduct of a person, while having their careers marked out with capital knowledge.

The THREE Educational Phases of Charlotte Mason’s method of education are …

Phase One: Readiness that is taught inside The Formative Framework™, where you’ll discover how to ready the brain for formal education, which perfectly aligns with the Observant Phase of an educational life.

Phase Two: Self-education that is taught inside The Elementary Framework™,  where you’ll discover how to introduce ideas that penetrate the mind to develop dominant ideas, which perfectly aligns with the ‘Age of Faith’ Phase of an educational life.

Phase Three: Philosophy that is taught inside The Prepared Framework™, where you’ll discover how to leverage the middle school and high school years to mark out a career with capital knowledge, while being intentional about the character and conducts necessary for adulthood, which perfectly aligns with the Debate and Philosophy Phase of an educational life.

The Instructed Conscience

The Instructed Conscience is a monthly membership designed to equip Christian Parents to form habits of a strong faith, noble character, and wholesome conduct in their family.

The Instructed Conscience™ includes THREE phases of philosophies: Christian Family Government Foundation, Habit Formation Foundations, and the Influence of Ideas.

Phase One: The Christian Family Government is a FOUR part training teaching on parental authority, willing obedience, good habits, and healthy relationships and how these work together with your Christian principles and values to secure smooth and easy days while living in peace with each other.

You must be clear about what the foundational philosophies of a Christian life consists of and what each looks like.

Phase Two: Habit Formation Foundations is a SEVEN part training teaching the necessary elements to forming habits that penetrate the mind and heart to become the nature of a person.

Phase Three: Influence of Ideas is the ONGOING monthly membership that equips parents and children to Form Christian habits of faith, character, and conduct. 

Each month will rotate between Influences of Ideas for Faith, Character, and Conduct which will include the following elements:

Deliverable #1: Christian Principle Video

This short video is perfect for the whole family to watch together as the teaching is taken straight from the pages of Scripture. 

Deliverable #2: Parent’s Toolkit

This digital resource guides and assists you, as the parent, in the FOUR parts to what Charlotte Mason states is needed to instruct the conscience: read, mark, learn, and inwardly digest. Perfect resource to follow up after watching the video to have a family discussion on the topic for the month.

Deliverable #3: Expectation Kit

This digital resource provides a step-by-step process to implementing the topic of the month so that it develops into a habit by growing stronger with exercise, without you or your children guessing what needs to be done to make the habit your own. 

Deliverable #4: Influential Example Card

This digital resource provides an example of faith, character, or conduct to be influenced by on the front and a short list of suggestions for further learning ideas on the back. 

Deliverable #5: Conscience Call

This monthly coaching call is held on Zoom every 3rd Thursday of the month at 3 PM ET. 

Deliverable BONUS #6: Influential Lesson Plans

This digital bonus is only available by email to the active members during that month’s content delivery. 

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