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Daily Skill Building publishes easy-to-use, open-and-go homeschool resources that encourage independent study. Our Notebook Companions are loved by Charlotte Mason inspired homeschoolers!

If you love using living books in your homeschool, you will delight in our publisher-approved Notebook Companions for some of your favorite books! We offer Notebook Companions for Master Books, the Julia Rothman Collection, and several nature and science books.

We have Notebook Companions for beginners in grades K-3 and Notebooks suitable for older students too!

It’s time to ditch the busy-work and lay aside the textbooks. Let us show you how to make homeschooling easier!

Featured Products

Notebook Companions for the Julia Rothman Collection

Let us show you how to make science EASY using the Julia Rothman Collection and our open-and go, easy-to-use Notebook Companions! Follow along with the Julia Rothman Collection using written narration, drawing, labeling, and more with our publisher-approved Notebook Companions. Available individually or as a bundle with a free bonus.

Notebook Companions for The Big Book Series

Guide students through studying bugs, birds, mammals, ocean animals, and flowers using The Big Book Series and our publisher-approved Notebook Companions!

Ignite an interest in science as students record their discoveries!

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