Crystal Wiley

Crystal Wiley

Crystal Wiley is a homeschool mama of over eight years and Founder/Creator of Simple Studies, an award-winning homeschool curriculum serving thousands of homeschoolers worldwide.

Crystal created Simple Studies in 2019 when she desired an easier way to incorporate Nature Study, history, fairy tales and multiple other subjects every day in a simplified, joyful way using living, classic books.

You can often catch this mama and her kids hiking, identifying birds, camping, off-roading, playing sports and hanging out in the PNW mountains.

Mother’s School
February 2023

Reading Classics with our Children

Helping parents find and choose quality books, tips on reading aloud to multiple ages, ideas on how to read as many classics as possible without feeling overwhelmed, narration prompt ideas, loop scheduling ideas, an all-time list of our favorites and more.

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