Book Club - Ourselves, Volume 4

Charlotte Mason’s Original Home Schooling Series:
Ourselves – Volume 4

Book club for this volume will meet every other Friday, for a total of 9 discussion sessions.

Meeting Dates: Reading discussion will cover the following pages on the dates listed below. 

August 11th at 11 AM, PST –
Book 1: Preface and Part I (pp. 1-32)

September 8th at 11 AM, PST –
Book 1: Part II, Chapter I through Chapter VI (pp. 33-65)

September 22nd at 11 AM, PST –
Book 1: Part II, Chapter VII through Part III, Chapter IV (pp. 66-98)

October 6th at 11 AM, PST –
Book 1: Part III, Chapter V through Chapter X (pp. 99-130)

October  20th at 11 AM, PST –
Book 1: Part III, Chapter XI through Chapter XVI (pp. 131-167)

November 3rd at 11 AM, PST –
Book 1: Part IV (pp. 167-210)

November 17th at 11 AM, PST –
Book 2: Introductory through Part I, Chapter IV (pp. 1-28)

December 1st at 11 AM, PST –
Book 2: Part I, Chapter V through Chapter X (pp. 29-67)

December 15th at 11 AM, PST –
Book 2: Part I, Chapter XI through Chapter XV (pp. 68-103)

Have you been wanting to read through the Charlotte Mason series, but just can’t seem to get to it?

We feel you. We’re raising little people, taking care of our homes, working in, and outside of the home, and homeschooling. We’re busy. So adding one-more-thing to an already overflowing plate seems like a BIG THING.

Yet this one thing can make a huge difference in your home life. In an effort to exercise some self-care and expand our own minds we will gather as we read through Mason’s volumes in a book club setting.

About Volume 4:

Boys and girls, youths and maidens, have as much capacity to apprehend what is presented to their minds as have their elders; and, like their elders, they take great pleasure and interest in an appeal to their understanding which discovers to them the ground-plan of human nature-a common possession. The point of view taken in this volume is, that all beautiful and noble possibilities are present in everyone ; but that each person is subject to assault and hindrance in various ways, of which he should be aware in order that he may watch and pray….

The teaching in Book I. is designed for boys and girls under sixteen. That in Book II. should, per- haps, appeal to young people of any age; possibly young men and women may welcome an attempt to thrash out some of the problems which must needs perplex them.

– Charlotte Mason, Volume 4 Preface

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