Cori Dean

Cori Dean

Cori Dean is an author and speaker and the owner of The Learning House Canada and Maple Tree Publications. With nearly 20 years of homeschool experience she has traveled Canada coast to coast bringing support and encouragement to thousands of homeschoolers for more than a decade. Having graduated their older two children, she and her husband Mark continue to work with their younger two both at home and in their learning nook at the store in Bradford, Ontario while Mark also continues in full-time ministry with Youth for Christ. Cori loves long days of bicycling as well as camping and boating with the family and thinks there’s nothing better than a good book, some dark chocolate, and a cup of tea.

2023 Conference

Post-Secondary Alternatives for Homeschooled Grads

What if my child is not university bound? My child isn’t particularly academic; what are her options if she doesn’t want to go to college after she graduates from homeschool? My kid doesn’t know what he wants to do! How do we plan for post-secondary school? As homeschoolers we actively seek the best educational opportunities for our children. When looking at post-secondary options, university is often seen as the gold-standard but it isn’t really for all students, is it? Let’s look at options for your child if they don’t know what they want to do, aren’t ready yet for college or university, or if they GASP should want to follow skills and giftings that don’t take them on a traditional post-secondary journey.

2022 Conference

(Not Just) Surviving the Teen Years: Homeschooling Beyond Elementary

Living with teens is always an adventure.  Homeschooling them can be a roller coaster.  When anticipating the adolescent years, many parents approach with fear and caution but Charlotte Mason’s principles can continue to guide us through the teen years and can even propel us into the best part of this journey yet.  Our teens are seeking purpose and vision as they transition into independence.  They need the well-established trails of discipline that deliver strong character and spiritual strength.  They crave healthy relationships with their family and others.  They continue to require inspiration to learn as they blossom into the young adults that the Lord planned for them to be.  Join Cori Dean as she shares lessons her journey of more than 20 years of parenting and homeschooling teens.

2021 Conference

Charlotte Mason Had NO Kids

How did a woman who had no children of her own understand the needs of children so completely? She didn’t have a fussy toddler to derail lessons or a mountain of laundry to try to manage and yet she gave us much wisdom. This workshop looks at ways to integrate beneficial aspects of Charlotte Mason’s philosophy while recognizing the complex needs of family life. We will get to know Miss Mason and her ideals and explore simple ways to incorporate beneficial principles like using “living books” and narration, developing relationships with subjects, and cultivating strong habits into any homeschool no matter which way you approach home education. All this while pouring lots of grace as we strive to manage home and family life in the midst of it all.

2020 Conference

Charlotte Mason for Newbies

Are you new to this style of education?  Let me take a few minutes to introduce you to the compelling Charlotte Mason and her philosophy.  Her methods will furnish you with tools and techniques to begin your home education journey or to enhance the one you are already on.  Learn about how to use “living books” and “narration” as key educational tools.  Understand the importance of habits and of creating a learning atmosphere.  Discover the food that sustains the mind: ideas experienced in various subject areas.  Find out how to develop a love for learning in your students!

2019 Conference

What is a Biblical Home Education?

Learning is so much more than filling with knowledge! To be truly educated our children also need to be in touch with their Creator, and to be of good character. Let’s look at some of the problems that we, as Christian parents, face in preparing our children for adulthood. The scriptures give us the foundation for our providing this abundant education and Charlotte Mason’s methods bring alive many practical tools for nurturing our children into mature Christian adults.

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