Christine Zell

Christine is a homeschooling mom to four, wife to her high school sweetheart, and author of Rabbit Trails through Literature. She believes homeschooling adventures can happen anywhere: within a book you get lost in while in your school room, while gathered on the couch, or out on a grand roadschooling trip.


During her eight years of homeschooling, Christine has embraced the relaxed atmosphere that has developed as she has learned to let go of the small things, enjoy her children, and help them create a love of learning. She enjoys encouraging other families in their homeschool journeys, both through her blog and her local homeschool community. 

2020 Workshop

How you can achieve a relaxed atmosphere in your homeschool

Whether you’ve been using Charlotte Mason methods in your homeschool forever, or are just learning about Charlotte Mason, using her methods can help you create a relaxed atmosphere in your homeschool. From planning, to curriculum, to lifestyle, learn how we use Charlotte Mason inspired methods in our relaxed homeschool to create a love of learning. 

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This Bit of Life is all about homeschool adventures. Whether your adventures happen while getting lost in a good book or while out exploring the world, This Bit of Life is here to support you with amazing resources and curriculum options to make your homeschool a place where a love of learning becomes a way of life.

Featured Products

Rabbit Trails Through Literature

Rabbit Trails through Literature


Rabbit Trails through Literature is a brand new language arts curriculum. Charlotte Mason-inspired and relaxed in nature, this curriculum brings your child through beautiful literature while teaching them light grammar skills, copy work, and fun hands on activities. Every lesson includes Rabbit Trails down lessons in history, science, and more. This is a full language arts curriculum with 16 different lessons that covers 32 weeks. The unique lessons will captivate your children and ignite a love of learning in your homeschool!

The Best Homeschool Life Planner


The Best Homeschool Life Planner is where bullet journals meet traditional homeschool planners. With spaces to organize your monthly and weekly agendas, meal plans, morning baskets, and more, this is a totally customizable planner that was created with your unique homeschool in mind!

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