Cherelle German

Cherelle German

Cherelle is an eclectic homeschooling mama to 3 kiddos and is passionate about helping busy moms thrive by adding simplicity and life into their homeschools.

She loves to use various homeschooling methods such as unit studies and living literature, while drawing inspiration from Miss Charlotte Mason and life-schooling to provide an abundant, full, and living education.

Over the years, Cherelle has come to a few conclusions about what is truly important to her regarding homeschooling her children:

1. To give her children a rich and living education by exposing them to beautiful thoughts, ideas, literature, poetry, art, and more.
2. To focus heavily on character training and instilling a love for God and others within them, because Heaven and important values such as respect, responsibility, honesty, etc., are truly the most important end goal— not Harvard.

And now— Cherelle is on a mission to guide and help other moms along their homeschooling journeys by teaching them how they can provide their children with a rich and living education at home, simply and intentionally.

No fluff, no fuss… just simple methods to provide an abundant homeschool experience.

2023 Conference

Homeschool Frustration: Why it Happens and Ways to Work Through it

Do you have homeschool days that are filled with frustration and stress? Don’t give up!

In this actionable workshop, you can finally discover the root cause of why homeschool frustration happens and learn some simple tips to help you work through it.

Let’s get back to providing your children with an enjoyable, life-giving education and put a stop to the continual homeschool frustration.

2022 Conference

Giving Yourself The Grace to Ease up a Bit: Your Children ARE Learning

Homeschooling is a rewarding experience, but in a world where there are so many amazing curriculums and subjects we want to teach our children, homeschooling can also become overwhelming when we try to cram too much in. 

As a homeschooling mom, I truly believe that education is an atmosphere that we are in charge of creating inside and outside of our homes.

Once we grasp this key concept, we are able to realize that our children are always learning; not just during our homeschool ‘school hours’— not just on pen and paper, and not just from homeschool books.

In this workshop, we will be exploring:- Creative ways for learning (so that you can take some time for self-care, cleaning, cooking, and running your home)- Encourage your children to explore and pursue their interests (so that they’re learning without even realizing it!)- How to give yourself the grace to ease up a bit, so that you don’t burn out or lose your joy for homeschoolingSo take a deep breath, homeschooling mom (or dad!), you have my permission to stop fearing that your children are not getting enough education at home; because I promise you they are!

Embracing Homeschool helps busy moms thrive by adding simplicity and life into their homeschools. If you’re the homeschool mom who has stressed about complicated lesson plans, huge homeschool to-do lists, along with the constant pressure to “do it all”… you’re not alone.

Embracing Homeschool is on a mission to guide and help moms along their homeschooling journeys by teaching them how they can provide their children with a rich and living education at home, simply and intentionally.

Featured Products

Embracing Homeschool Together (FREE) Monthly Workshops

Join us for our simple + free Embracing Homeschool Together workshops! These are really what make Embracing Homeschool so unique!

On the first Friday of every month we’ll be engaging together through an online workshop to get the motivation and skills to grow and excel in our homeschools with really, REALLY, simple challenges.

In our workshops, you’ll be learning no-brainer strategies to to use in your homeschool, and then be challenged with a Monthly Mama Challenge (MMC), so you can end each month accomplishing a new goal that will help make a difference in your homeschool, and family!

Animal Notebooking Bundle (18 Collections)

Unleash your child’s learning and creative writing potential with this HUGE BUNDLE of animal notebooking pages!

Our carefully crafted notebooking pages are beautifully designed and provide a student-led approach to learning that is both educational and an effective way to learn.

From science, language arts, to world history, and more, this huge bundle of animal notebooking printables are perfect for homeschoolers of all ages to use as a no-brainer, D.I.Y. homeschool curriculum.

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