Book Club

Have you been wanting to read through the Charlotte Mason series, but just can’t seem to get to it?

We feel you. We’re raising little people, taking care of our homes, working in, and outside of the home, and homeschooling. We’re busy. So adding one-more-thing to an already overflowing plate seems like a BIG THING.

Yet this one thing can make a huge difference in your home life. This one thing which Karen Andreola calls  Mother Culture®

“is a way-of-life, the skillful art of how a mother looks after the ways of her household…a mother does a lot of taking care, so she needs to take care of herself, too. Much depends on how she manages her life.” 

In an effort to exercise some self-care and expand our own minds we will gather twice a month as we read through Mason’s volumes in a book club setting (virtually of course).

Join the Book Study

I’ve attempted to read through the entire series on my own a couple of times, but was only able to successfully complete it when I had others on that same journey with me. Accountability and interaction make a big difference.

To join in the live bi-weekly discussions, starting April 5th.  Click here to sign up.

We will begin our reading of Volume 1: Home Education.  

Meetings will be every other Tuesday, beginning on April 5th at 10:00 AM PST

Live meetings will be held via Zoom, meeting links will be posted prior to each meeting on our Patreon page. Replays available on Patreon. 

Which Version Should You Buy?

The version most of us already own is the pink series published by Tyndale in the late 80s. A few years ago Living Books Press released the floral & gray books on the image below, and shortly after that, Simply Charlotte Mason released a version with the wide margins. This seems to a crowd favorite, because of said margins. Additionally Ambleside Online has the entire annotated series available online, for free. You are welcome to print this or read it online and use this version too.

For a complete list of which versions are available, print, online, and even audio, check out this post from Charlotte Mason Says.

I will be using the Simply Charlotte Mason version for this study, simply because I’m a note-taker and I appreciate the margin space, even though I plan on taking more notes online.

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