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We are Janet and Geoff Benge, authors of the Christian Heroes: Then and Now and Heroes of History series. We have been writing together for over 30 years, it all started with a newsletter and promotional material for Youth With A Mission in the Philippines. We discovered we had natural writing ability while serving as missionaries, and learn the craft from John and Elizabeth Sherrill, authors of The Cross and the Switchblade, The Hiding Place, God Smuggler, and many others.

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Christian Heroes: Then and Now Series

For over twenty years this bestselling series of books has been gripping readers’ attention. The stories told are of men and women whose lives have been impacted by God and have themselves gone on to impact the world around them. The stories are written in a unique, lively writing style that draws reader in and makes it hard to stop turning the pages. They follow each hero through the many challenging situations they face. From David Livingston facing down a lion in Africa, George Müller praying with his orphans for their next meal, Gladys Aylward standing up to treacherous Chinese prisoners, Lilian Trasher whom the Egyptian president of the time declared “The Greatest Wonder in Egypt,” to Dietrich Bonhoeffer struggling with how to respond to a wicked and godless regime.

Heroes of History Books

This series of informative books recounts the lives of 29 (so far) inspiring men and women who left their mark on world history. From George Washington and the founding of the United States, Harriet Tubman smuggling slaves to freedom on the underground railway, Elizabeth Fry, England’s tireless prison reformer, to William Wilberforce and the struggle to end slavery in the British Empire. Like the books in the sister series, Christian Heroes: Then & Now, these books are written with a crisp, fast moving style that draws readers into the story.

Heroes of History books are also used in many home school curriculums, as family read-alouds, and by adults looking for a fast-paced rendition of a slice of history.

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