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Beautiful Feet Books offers K-12 history, science, geography, and literature curriculum inspired by Charlotte Mason. By using the best book available and designing rich and easy-to-use teacher guides, we guarantee that learning will be loved by everyone in your home.

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Early American Primary Pack

Sure to ignite curiosity about our nation’s history, this Early American History Through Literature study will take you and your students through the first Indigenous people of the Americas, the Vikings discovery of America, the exploration, colonization, settlement, and establishment of the United States. Spanning 1000 AD to the mid-1800’s this course makes teaching this literature-rich curriculum easy and fun!

Around the World with Picture Books Part 1

Travel the world through delightful children’s picture books! Introduce your children to world geography and culture with award-winning literature. Part One covers Asia, Africa, Australia, and Antarctica. In Asia we explore China, Japan, Thailand, and India. In Africa we visit Morocco, Egypt, Kenya, Tanzania, and Ghana. This course includes nature study, folktales, fables, music, art, poetry, and history.

Seasons Afield

Seasons Afield Study Pack

Seasons Afield
 is a Schullandheim approach to homeschool science and nature study for primary grade students (K-4th). This German concept to natural science reflects all we hold dear, combining school, nature, and home. Your field guides will direct your studies of the natural world, using picture books to take you on a journey through the seasons.

Comprising a one-year study, this homeschool science course covers biology, chemistry, botany, ecology, zoology, earth science, field science, watercolor art, handcrafts, music, and art history! The accompanying teacher guide is full of rich resources and content easily guiding you through a complete year of science for your primary-grade students.

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