Author name: Tatiana Rivera

Tatiana is a 16 year veteran homeschool mom, mentor,  writer, speaker, web & graphic designer. Tatiana has graduated four of her six children using the Charlotte Mason philosophy of education. She lives in California and coordinates a co-op for 30+ families. She is an aspiring apologist, bibliophile and compulsive organizer. She co-hosts the Charlotte Mason Inspired Conferences, and the Charlotte Mason Inspired Podcast. She writes about motherhood and home education at Purposeful Motherhood, apologetics for moms at Teach Me Apologetics and owns, a full-service creative agency, which provides web design, social media & project management, branding and more.

Principles and Benefits of a Charlotte Mason Education

Charlotte Mason was a British educator, who believed education is an atmosphere, a discipline, and a life. She believed children are people, with their own thoughts, and ideas, and should be treated as such. She was opposed to treating or talking to children as if they were inferior, unintelligent and ’empty canvases’ ready to be filled

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