April Lesh

April Lesh

April is the wife of Ladd Lesh, GM of Apologia, and a homeschool mom of nine children, who are, (in her non-biased opinion), exceptionally sweet and adorable. She spends the majority of her day reading aloud, wrangling toddlers, misplacing her morning cup of tea, and smuggling chocolate chips in the pantry.

In her spare time she enjoys napping, assigning barn-building and fence-repairing projects to her kids, milking the family cows, and convincing her husband that they need four more cows, forty additional chickens, and a small, easily managed herd of fourteen swine. Her favorite nightly routine is Family Devotions, where Ladd teaches from the Bible and reads (with all the character voices) from the latest chapter book. This is followed by her second favorite nightly routine, affectionately known as Bedtime.

2023 Conference

Raising Screen-Free Kids

Join me as we discuss ideas for preserving the wonder, joy and innocence of childhood amid the addictions and distractions of digital saturation.

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