Anthony Coafield

Anthony Coafield

Anthony and his wife Missy homeschool their three boys on a farm in Australia. For over seven years now they’ve been using Charlotte Mason’s philosophies as the guide to their home school, while balancing the needs of their neurodivergent children. They also run Living Book Press, a business whose goal is to make it easier for everyone to learn about and follow Mason’s Philosophies.

2023 Conference

Living Books: All You Ever Wanted To Know About Them – Live Interview & Q&A 

We are delighted to invite you to a fascinating live interview and Q&A session with Anthony Coafield, the founder of Living Book Press. Join us as we discover everything there is to know about living books, a delightful way to immerse ourselves in other worlds, times, and people’s lives.

As Charlotte Mason noted, “Children should have the joy of living in far lands, in other persons, at other times.” This is precisely what living books offer, an opportunity to experience the worldviews and lives of people we otherwise wouldn’t know. With so much polarization in our world today, this experience is more important than ever.

As Miss Mason wrote, “And all the time we have books, books teeming with ideas fresh from the minds of thinkers upon every subject to which we can wish to introduce children.” With living books, there is always something new to learn and be inspired by.

So join us for this exciting live interview with Anthony Coafield and discover everything you ever wanted to know about living books. Don’t miss this chance to ask your burning questions and delve into the world of living books. See you there!

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