Ann Troast

Ann Troast is the founder and director of Four Square Community, a Charlotte Mason homeschool community that connects hundreds of families and serves a wide variety of classes to over 600 local students. She is the author and creator of Without Doors, a unique Charlotte Mason curriculum that is inspired by Four Square Community and designed for simplified family-style learning. Each curriculum book contains Bible, History, Geography, Literature, Enrichment and Nature Study coordinated around a time period such as Early America, Modern America, Ancient World, Renaissance & Reformation, and the Modern World. Ann created simple Preschool and Kindergarten guides that build a rich foundation of curiosity, wonder, and delight during the early years. Her Life of Jesus Charlotte Mason Bible study will bring the entire family together to feast on God’s Word.

Ann is a veteran homeschooling mom of four. Some of her favorite homeschooling moments happen during morning basket and while listening to her children recite poetry and scripture over a cup of tea. She is passionate about sparking joy in home education and believes the homeschooling life is an abundant life!

2023 Workshop

Applying the Principles of Minimalism to the Feast
Are you inspired by Charlotte Mason’s philosophy, but overwhelmed with how to serve an educational feast to your children? In this session Ann will share how applying the principles of minimalism to your weekly lessons will result in a rich education, a joyful home atmosphere, and the abundant life you were created for. She will walk you through narrowing down your priorities, eliminating clutter in your homeschool, and focusing on quality over quantity. “Education is an atmosphere, a discipline, a life.” -Charlotte Mason

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Without Doors is a Charlotte Mason curriculum that is simple to implement, yet rich in content. Designed to coordinate all ages around quality living books for family-style learning, it is great for new and experienced homeschool families interested in a Charlotte Mason education. A Charlotte Mason education is a rich experience. Ms. Mason inspires us to spread a generous educational feast before our children. Without Doors provides step-by-step guidance and valuable resources to successfully implement Charlotte Mason’s methods in your homeschool. This effortless curriculum will bring joy and freedom to your family!

Featured Products

Without Doors: Kindergarten

Charlotte Mason holds children in the highest regard. She recommends waiting until a child is six years old to begin formal lessons. Instead, she encourages parents to dedicate the early years to spending time outdoors, developing good habits, and nurturing curiosity, wonder, and delight. Without Doors: Kindergarten is an inspiring and simple guide that will help you create an atmosphere of learning in your home. It includes 28 weeks of coordinated lessons in Bible, Habit, Literature, Poetry, Art, Music, Sensory, and Nature Study. Each lesson is simple and clearly laid out in a weekly plan. The guide combined with the recommended books and supplies will provide a rich Charlotte Mason foundation for your little one. Without Doors: Kindergarten will bring joy and freedom to both parent and child during the early years! 

Without Doors: Early America

Without Doors: Early America includes the overall framework to successfully implement 28 weeks of lessons for students in 1st-8th grade. One printed book per family combined with the items noted on the supply list provides a rich study of Early America. Conveniently included in the book are artist study paintings, poetry, links to hymns, copywork, and more. The lessons are simple and clearly laid out in a weekly plan. The content in every subject area is coordinated around Early America, creating a rich, immersive experience and a harmony of lessons. Your student will develop good habits in narration, nature journaling, map-drawing, keeping a Book of Centuries, copywork, dictation, hymn study, and recitation. This effortless Charlotte Mason curriculum will bring joy and freedom to your family! 

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