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Amy Fischer

Amy is a homeschooling mom of three boys, living as an American ex-pat in the northwest of England. For five years, she has been reading, learning, and applying the Charlotte Mason philosophy to her parenting, to her early years homeschool, and even herself.

She connects the Charlotte Mason philosophy with the Charlotte Mason practicalities at her blog, Around the Thicket. You’ll also find her co-hosting the Thinking Love podcast, a show that explores homeschooling, Charlotte Mason, the early years, and more.

2022 Conference

The Atmosphere of a Math Lesson

Is homeschooling math less than pleasant, with kids who drag their feet or resist their lessons? Join Amy for a practical session on improving the atmosphere around math in your home. From adjusting your personal attitudes, dealing with confusion and complaints, to building habits to help your momentum, we’ll cover a variety of Charlotte Mason principles that you can bring into action for smoother, more positive math lessons.

2021 fall retreat

Education is not Efficient

Short lessons. Done before lunch. Four day school weeks. This may sound like the ideal Charlotte Mason homeschool, but what if pulling it off results in frustration, exhaustion, and overwhelm? it may be time to reorient your goals away from efficiency and toward the bigger purpose of a Charlotte Mason education. In this session, Amy will share how to use your schedule to move toward your most important goals, adjust your plans to fit your individual children, and bring your schedule to life with more patience and peace.

2020 fall retreat

Narration for Math Lessons

Building Strong Math Foundations the Charlotte Mason Way
Narration is an essential ingredient in a Charlotte Mason education. It helps children build connections and internalize new ideas, while helping you as the teacher follow their progress. But narration is not just a tool for history, geography, and other literature-based lessons. In this session, learn why narration has a place in math lessons, what mathematical narration looks like, and lots of practical ideas for bringing math to life through this tried-and-true method.

2020 Conference

Breathing Life into Math with Charlotte Mason

Charlotte Mason believed that a child’s lessons should be delightful, interesting, and life-giving. Math lessons were no exception. But how do we bring life to a subject of rules, facts, and theorems? In this session, we will look to Charlotte Mason’s own writing on teaching mathematics and learn how to make math lessons a vibrant part of the homeschool day.

Early Years Habits Q & A

Grab your coffee and join Leah and Amy (hosts of the Thinking Love podcast) to chat all things habit training for the early years. Find out what it looks like in our homes and how you can bring this Charlotte Mason idea to life in your home.

2019 Conference

Before Curriculum: Using Charlotte Mason’s Educational Tools in your Home

Bring the Charlotte Mason philosophy into practical application no matter your circumstances. In her philosophy, Charlotte Mason gives three tools for educating our children: atmosphere, discipline, and life. These tools give us the ‘how-to’ of the Charlotte Mason way, whether you have toddlers or high schoolers. In this session, deepen your understanding of these tools and develop a vision for how to use them in your home now. This session will be especially helpful to those who want to apply the Charlotte Mason philosophy outside of traditional, formal lessons, including those in the early years, families who are deschooling, or even those on summer vacation.

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Around the Thicket is a place to explore the Charlotte Mason philosophy alongside the practicalities of homeschooling. With extended series and posts on Charlotte Mason for the early years, mother culture, and Charlotte Mason math, you’ll find helpful insight for your homeschooling journey.

Featured Products

How to Start Practicing the Charlotte Mason Philosophy in Your Home

Unsure where to start. Overwhelmed with options. Spinning your wheels.

Bring simplicity to your Charlotte Mason journey and root yourself in the essentials: deep principles of education that will set your focus, build your confidence, and give you the practical tools to educate the Charlotte Mason way.

Charlotte Mason On: Living Math: A Topical Study Guide

Charlotte Mason is famous for a literature-rich education. But how does her philosophy apply to math, and how do we bring that to life in our homeschools?

If teaching math feels overwhelming, confusing, or like a subject tacked onto an otherwise rich feast of ideas, the best place to start is with Charlotte Mason’s own writing. In this workbook you will find exactly that: a selection of Charlotte Mason’s words on mathematics, questions to guide you, and room to write and reflect on your study.

Discern Charlotte Mason’s principles of learning and teaching mathematics for yourself and lead your children into this mountainous, life-giving discipline.

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