Alisha Gratehouse

Alisha Gratehouse

Alisha Gratehouse is an artist, minister’s wife, and veteran homeschool mom of three young adults.

She is passionate about nurturing creativity and bringing the joy of art to others. In 2014, she began creating online art courses to fill what she believed was a gaping void in the area of homeschool art. Now through her company, the Masterpiece Society, she offers a complete art curriculum, teaching kids and teens art expression through multiple art mediums and techniques, as well as art history and appreciation.

In 2022, Alisha acquired The Homeschool Garden from Lara Molettiere and rebranded it as Charlotte Mason Morning Time™. She is currently building a community, Awaken to Delight, around the curriculum which includes art, handicrafts, nature journaling, baking, and more! “The souls of children are waiting for the call of knowledge to awaken them to delightful living.” ~ Charlotte Mason

2023 Conference

Awaken Your Children’s Souls to Delight

Charlotte Mason wrote, “It may be that the souls of all children are waiting for the call of knowledge to awaken them to delightful living.” In this workshop, I will show you how to awaken your children’s souls to delight with all the beautiful subjects that sometimes get pushed aside by traditional school studies.

2022 Conference

Creativity is an Atmosphere: Building an Environment in Which Your Children’s Creativity Can Flourish

Alisha, and her daughter, Olivia, will share two different perspectives (a veteran homeschool mother’s and a homeschool graduate’s) on how to build an atmosphere in your home that encourages and inspires creativity that will continue to flourish and thrive throughout adulthood.

2021 Conference

How to Make Your Art Studies Come Alive!

Charlotte Mason wrote, “The art training of children should proceed on two lines: The child should begin both to express himself creatively and learn to appreciate art.”

In this workshop, I’ll show you how forming relationships with the master artists will spark your kids’ artistic expression and make your art studies come alive!

2020 Conference

Cultivating the Artist in Your Child

In the Original Homeschool Series we read, “Of course, we say, children should have their artistic powers cultivated, especially those who have such powers, but how is the question.”

Let me show you five simple ways to cultivate the “artist” (and creativity) that is within each of your children.

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Masterpiece Society is here to help you nurture your kids’ creativity with art expression, art history, and art appreciation.
By studying the great master artists and their works, as well as learning to use multiple art mediums and techniques, your kids and teens will have the skills and tools to help their creativity soar!

“Awaken to Delight” is a brand new community for Charlotte Mason homeschoolers who want more than an overwhelming list of subjects to check off with their kids each day. We’ve done the hard part by curating “truth, beauty, and goodness” for you. Now you don’t ever have to miss out on all the lovely things that you’ve always wanted to include in your kids’ education.

Featured Products

Charlotte Mason Morning Time™ 


Sessions are done-for-you morning time plans. Each volume is already curated, gathered, and scheduled out for you. All you have to do is print out the pages you want to use, gather your family around and enjoy! Each volume contains a 4- or 6-week schedule including: prayer and scripture memorization, copywork selections for primary through high school, artist and picture study, composer study, poetry, a Shakespeare play, a hymn, a folk song, teatime recipes and readings, a handicraft, an art lesson, nature study, a recommended reading list and more!

MS Studio

Masterpiece Society Studio


Art membership site for your whole family with access to our entire library of hundreds of lessons – at any time of the year, day or night. Simply gather your supplies, watch the video lesson, and start creating masterpieces right away!

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